immoral, amoral
Both words are applied to people, to people's actions, and to standards of behaviour. Immoral means ‘morally wrong, wicked’, whereas amoral means ‘having no morals’, i.e. ‘outside the scope of morality’ and is strictly neutral in meaning, although in practice both words are used judgementally. Examples: (amoral)

• Children are first amoral…then enter a pre-moral stage, when social and authoritarian factors are the main restraints —M. E. Wood, 1973

• For someone who appeared so gleefully wicked and amoral, Cleo seemed surprisingly dim when it came to character judgment —C. Storm, 1993

• (immoral) This view takes into account the general view that crime is or ought to be those actions which are considered so immoral or damaging that they should be subject to punishment —J. D. Rogers, 1987

• Simon criticised Jesus for allowing such an immoral woman to touch him —R. Cooper, 1990.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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